Anamorphic Summer Idents 2015 / 2

ID anamorphic Antena 1 TV autumn 2015 (1) on Vimeo

Summer Idents for Antena 1 Tv Station, shoot on Arri Alexa XT, Cooke UltraPrimes, 60fps, directed by Catalin Bugean, ArtDirector: Crizze, cinematography: Ovidiu Gyarmath, graded: Alex Chitoroaga.

– The preproduction on this project was lasting for about 5 days and we manage to shoot all of them in 3 days, the anamorphic setups where hard to prepare and we had to use the camera for all 7 days in order for the guys from the set design and props to manage to prepare all situations. Matching the lenses of the video projectors with the lenses of the camera was one of the most difficult things along with lighting in the location in order to not have shadows which betray the anamorphic situations.