TOP LINE (2017) – Unalike Beauty

TOP LINE Unalike Beauty 02 -on Vimeo

This spot is part of the Unalike Beauty rebranding campaign of the TopLine company (

 „ In a image obsessed culture we want all girls and women be healthy and happy with their looks. Well balanced individuals. We want they spend timen and effort on celebrating and valuing their every single unalike beauty and not lamenting, feeling ashamed and insecure or/and dramatically changing their appearance. The beauty itself is there all the time, from day one. It has just to be seen and cherished. Top Line. Great beauties choose unalike. „

This production was shot in one full day of work in a limbo studio, production was including interviews and photos with the romanians influencers. Was shot on: AlexaAmira, lenses: Arri Primes Distagon 2.1, Director&Cinematographer: O. Gyarmath, Editor: Andrei Iancu ( , color grading: Laureant Morell

Many thanks to the Top Line Team for the opportunity.

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