Anamorphic Summer Idents 2015 / 1

ID anamorphic Antena 1 TV autumn 2015 (2) on Vimeo

ID anamorphic Antena 1 TV autumn 2015 (1) from Gyarmath Ovidiu on Vimeo.

2015 Summer Idents for Antena 1 Tv Station, shoot on Arri Alexa XT, Cooke UltraPrimes, 60fps, directed by Catalin Bugean, ArtDirector: Crizze, cinematography: Ovidiu Gyarmath, graded: Alex Chitoroaga.


Pre-production for this project took 5 days and we manage to shoot all sequences with 3 more days of work. The anamorphic setups were difficult to prepare and in order for the Set Design& Props Team to get every different situation from the sequence ready to shoot, we used the camera as a vital support for the all 8 days of work. Matching the video projector’s lenses with the camera´s lenses was one of the most difficult tasks, along with the location’s proper lighting to avoid shadows which interrupt the results in the anamorphic situations.

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